Our beach club boasts 3 kitchens staffed with expertly trained chefs, with our flagship Sandal’s kitchen serving the finest Western food in Nha Trang. If you want something a little more exotic, our Indian kitchen brings a host of fragrant and flavorful dishes and finally, our Vietnamese kitchen brings you the freshest ingredients for a real taste of authentic local cuisine.


We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the day and in the evenings, we set up our famous barbecue station as well as offering a selection of delicious pizzas and other snacks.


Join us between 7am and 2am for a taste of something comforting, exotic and truly amazing!


If you can’t wait, check out our Instagram for some of our signature dishes.

     D I  N IE



There’s nothing better than a refreshing, well-made drink whilst watching the waves roll in and our bar is well-stocked to provide you with exactly that. Whether it’s a revitalizing smoothie to accompany your meal or an expertly prepared cocktail, our selection of drinks is sure to please any and all tastes!


Our team of professional mixologists are constantly striving to create something amazing, whether it’s a refreshing Mojito, a twist on an all-time classic, or something new and innovative that is sure to blow you away!


Those looking to relax on the beach can enjoy a fresh coconut or a glass of the famous Vietnamese Ca Phe Sua Da, or iced coffee to everyone else.


Once the sun begins to set and everyone gets ready to party, we have a vast selection of rums, vodkas, tequilas and everything in between! Our skilled bartenders never fail to amaze and entertain you with their showmanship and personalities, so come in and enjoy a drink with us!

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